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I just realized that it's been about a year since I've wrote on here, opps, my bad. I'm on here fairly often too- I suppose I just like to look at pictures too much :D
Alot has happened since then. I've finished my first year of college and will be taking Fall, Spring, and Summer classes in order to get my associates asap.
I moved across the country with a car from '98 that already has 220,000 miles on it. That thing is a trooper- I think it deserves a paint job. I was thinking Zelda theme. 
I feel a little over whelmed. I'm really far from my friends and family, and sadly, because of the distance of about 2,000 miles, am not with the one that I love anymore. But, it's life and right now, I'm where I need to be in it. 
My two ferrets that I bought keep me very busy. A handful, but I'm working on teaching them tricks.
Once I get more fleece, I'll pick up my hat making again. If anyone's interested, feel free to make a request- I do my sales through ebay. 
I live in a place where art is very prominent. I'm hoping that I can start selling it or even painting some murals for the city. 
Winter will be a drag. From a dessert to almost 100 inches of snow. 
Well, that's everything major in a nutshell. Hope you guys are all living happy lives. 

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